Monthly Archives: June 2008

>زي سكر تحت عسل like sugar under honey


يمكن الدنيا دي بتاعتكم حتكون أسهل من عين واحدة

maybe this world of yours will be easier
through one eye


>بين الفراغ و الاحباط between emptiness and disappointment


It was a fucked up day.

>بعد كل المدة دي after all this time


“i’ve forgotten her taste.”

>ما كانش حلم i wasn’t dreaming


“I need my mask.”

>حلمت ان قناعي وقع i dreamt that my mask slipped




Last night i bought a scanner so i can start putting things up here. but then i went and watched the football, drank beer and remembered that i don’t particularly like most things. it was all i could do to carry the briefcase shaped box home. this morning i noticed that i had splashed my trainers while unloading the beer against a wall after a bridge in maadi. the microbus driver was superbly foul mouthed with his horn as he somehow tore past the other vehicles on the wide open tarmac caressing the nile’s banks.