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انكلاب Becoming dogs (that seize power)

Son of a dog


A view on Cairo



“I missed you a lot.”

Tick tock صوت الساعة


لا يوجد جيش مصري There is no Egyptian Army

لا هناك جيش مصري There is no Egyptian Army

“Now the whole world knows that the Egyptian Army are cowards and there’s no point in making peace with Egypt.”

Playing I spy in Egypt

Dirt gets in your eye

“Show me your ID card.”

اعلام الدولة كلب ينبح اكاذيب State media is a dog barking lies

State media is burning my head and Egypt's streets

امتداد قفص عيون الشارع المصري Reaching out of the Egyptian street eye cage

Sexual Harassment in Egypt